Frequenty asked questions about Syndicate App.

How does billing work again?

Billing is metered and tiered, meaning you are billed only for usage, at the rate of your current tier at the end of each month. You are billed per process, a "process" is recorded each time one of your rules are run. The idea is, you are only billed when your account is doing work, running rules. If your account is not running rules you are not billed. You can check your tier and usage in Account Settings.

What happens when email is routed to this server?

Email sent to an @syndicateapp.email address is proccessed by the account that owns that @syndicateapp.email address. Incoming addresses (@syndicateapp.email) and outgoing address (the address you provide) are unique. This server IS NOT an open relay, all domains (exept @syndicateapp.email) are blacklisted and will be blocked.

Are incoming emails private?

YES. All processing of incoming email is done in memory, meaning nothing touches a disk (is saved). Once emails are proccessed and sent on their way, they disappear from Syndicate App forever. When emails are stopped via one of your rules, that email is discarded and will disappear forever, it is not storred in any way shape or form.

What happens if none of my rules match an incoming email?

It is simply forwarded to your outgoing email (the address you provided) untouched.

Why are all emails "From: Syndicate App" in my inbox?

We cannot send you emails and say they are from someone else, the original sender in our case. We must abide by sending best practices and tell you who the email is really from. We do note the original sender on the bottom of each email and set the appropriate Reply-To header, meaning when you hit "reply" in your email client, it will be sent to the original sender, not back to Syndicate App.

Why don't you allow routing via MX records?

This is something that may be added in the future, this way you would be able to keep your own email address (rather than choosing an @syndicateapp.email address), and have your rules applied transparently.